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Domen Grauf   25.03.2017  10:51:29 GMT
News, Matevz will stop in Malaga/Spain today.
Domen Grauf   25.03.2017  09:18:43 GMT
Currently he has a plan to reach the airport LEAX in Spain. Strong winds are the fact for decision making about LPEV.
Domen Grauf   25.03.2017  08:24:31 GMT
Hello José Rocha, thank you for your concern and advice. Matevz has a contact and he got an instruction. I will check with him by satellite telephone and suggested him as you wrote.
jose rocha   25.03.2017  07:56:33 GMT
Hello dear sir. Just to congratulate you for this event and what it means to all of us!! I just toke notice of your tour and I saw that one of your flight legs would come to Portugal and to Lisbon. Just be aware that Lisbon does not accept VFR ULAC or Light sport aircraft for landing. And also, if you plan go to Cascais or any other airport or airfield in Portugal you should ask our authority for a permit, even if it is just for one or two days. If you already have your contacts here in Portugal that is great and please ask them to do that if not please advise so that I can help you with. I'm an military Air traffic Controller in Portugal and I do have a site written in Portuguese where you can find for free all kind of safety issues to fly in Portugal. So, be free to contact me if you need any help in the Portuguese territory. José Rocha +351968349927 Best regards and hope your journey and aim will be successful and achieve it's goals. Best regards and safe flight sir. Godspeed!!
Domen Grauf   25.03.2017  05:35:44 GMT
Matevž nadaljuje danes z merjenjem črnega ogljika in saharskega peska. Namenjen na Portugalsko, letališče Evora. Veter zjugozahodnih smeri se pri tleh umirja, na višini 3000 metrov pa je začel pihati zahodnik in je edino danes še možnost, da izmeri Saharski pesek, ki ga je veter v zadnjih treh dneh dvignil v atmosfero.   24.03.2017  14:55:39 GMT
Bravo, čestitke za pristanek na Malti in srečno pot jutri naprej!
Domen Grauf   24.03.2017  14:28:52 GMT
Uspešno na Malti. Jutri pa naprej proti Portugalski.
Domen Grauf   24.03.2017  13:52:42 GMT
Še malo pa bo na Malti. Kljub vetru, je povprečna hitrost čisto v redu.
Peter-ločan   24.03.2017  13:42:01 GMT
Čestitke,spremljam vse akcije!Srečno!
Denis   24.03.2017  12:05:58 GMT
Nice to have forum back
Miran   24.03.2017  10:50:34 GMT
Kot vedno vse skupaj tudi tokrat spremljam. G. Matevžu in ekipi želim vse dobro. Priznam, da me kot letalskega fena, bolj fascinira samo letenje od do. Srečno pod in nad oblake!
Domen Grauf   24.03.2017  09:17:06 GMT
Danes je destinacija letalisce Luqa na Malti. Let bo trajal bribljizno 6 ur. Zaradi "slota", ki so nam ga dolocili na Mati, se bo Matevz casovno poizkusil cim bolj drzati planov. Sledite nam na novi misiji, ki bo zelo zanimiva.
Petra Draskovic Pelc   23.03.2017  19:01:59 GMT
Jutri, v petek, 24.3.2017 je ob 8h na portoroškem letališču predvidena tiskovna konferenca, ob 10h pa začetek poleta. Vabljeni, da se nam pridružite!
Pierre-Yves Bacle   23.03.2017  08:43:20 GMT
Dear Mr Lenarcic, I have a client who intends to achieve to hire a pilot for taking photographs within the basis of large volumes shootings (through a specific shooting equipment). Before discussing on contractual terms & conditions, may I ask you two practical questions ? 1- What is the minimum (as slow as possible) speed that you can obtain when you are at an altitude between 100 and 500 meters ? 2- What is the maximum weight (for the shooting equipment) that your aircraft can accept ? Thank you in advance for your answer. Best regards Pierre-Yves Bacle (email )
Jožica   22.03.2017  14:50:27 GMT
Menda gre v petek ob 10.00 iz Portoroža. Še vreme napovedujejo super, zato ni razloga, da ne bi bili tam.
marija šukalo   22.03.2017  13:57:00 GMT
Tudi v slovenskem jeziku so komentarji dobrodošli. Sicer pa vsem akterjem vpetim v projekt veliko sreče in hitrega javljanja.
Pilotumur   21.03.2017  13:01:08 GMT
Congrulations, friend. Have a good flight.
Matevž Lenarčič   20.03.2017  19:34:21 GMT
We were about to start this year GLWF Mediterranean black carbon and Sahara send mission on Wednesday, but weather situation does not fully cooperate. Strong southerly winds are in the western Mediterranean so useless to fly to Cyprus and measure nothing on the way to Malta. We decided for direct flight to Malta and from there to Portugal. Wednesday very possible fog and raing on departure, and winds on Thursday west of the main Alpine chain. On Friday seems to be moving to the East but too much rain in too cold weather. Zero degrees in the clouds means icing on the aircraft surface and shorty after swimming in cold Mediterranean surface. Still hope for weather forecast change and looking with one eye for Thursday start from LJPZ. Will keep you posted.
Matevž Lenarčič   17.03.2017  23:21:49 GMT
Spidertrack tracking is back on again. Today we tested it during the flight to LJSO to pick aircraft stickers and measure some dirt in the air. Bad visibility means no good photos. But flying is fun as always.
Matevž Lenarčič   13.03.2017  10:04:47 GMT
GLWF Mediterranean 2017 is about to start. Planning is somehow more complicated this year as we have to wait for proper weather situation not only for flying but also for right winds which transport Sahara send and black carbon from Africa to the Alpine glaciers. First leg is going to be from Portorož to Pafos / Cyprus. An hour ago I discussed with our meteorologist Andrej Velkavrh and he confirmed that no such weather situation is approaching till next Wednesday. Keep with us for detailed news in next days.
Jani   11.03.2017  23:17:32 GMT
Še tri dni in bomo spet nalimani na računalnik :-)
Franci   27.02.2017  22:22:04 GMT
Oooo spet se bo nekaj dogajalo. In forum je nazaj. Bravo!
Domen Grauf   23.01.2017  10:40:00 GMT
GreenLight WorldFlight plans for 2017 in MEDITERRANEAN We are going to measure the black carbon and Sahara sand influx from Africa to Central Europe in the spring time above the Mediterranean Sea, south and north of the Alps and above the mountain range itself on different altitude levels.